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They are foamed tapes in white or black whose benefit is to serve as an insulating gasket and seal between spaces that should not generate the passage of wind or any type of vibration.

Colour: Black and White.

​Dimensions:Length: 10-15 mt.
Width: 12mm.
Thickness: 3-5mm.

Reference       Description

204040048        PTAC CINTA MULTIUSOS  12X5 mm BLANCO (Pack 10 mt)

204040033        PTAC CINTA MULTIUSOS 18X3 mm BLANCO(Paq 15 mt )

Reference       Description

204040021        PTAC CINTA MULTIUSOS 24X5 mm NEGRO(Paq 15 mt )

204040035        PTAC CINTA MULTIUSOS 12X3 mm NEGRO(Paq 10 mt )

204040037        PTAC CINTA MULTIUSOS 24X3 mm NEGRO(Paq10 mt )

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